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I love exploring and being outside. It seems almost unfair to include trail running as training, because honestly a lot of my training is to make it so that I can trail run. Quite often my "Trail Running" isn't even on an existing trail. Few things in the world make me feel better than finding a perfect place to catch a sunrise or a sunset. Hiking, rock climing, and flying downhill is all part of the package. I usually get out and trail run at least 3 times a week year round. I also write running training plans for people and help them locate trails and places to run near where they live. 


Races are training? Of course they are. Most people push themselves harder during a race than any other time. They also give you a great way to track your progress. Most importantly, they give you something to build and focus your training around. The intensity and focus of my training amplifies every time I have a racing coming up. All great reasons to sign up.

SGX Classes

I am a certified Spartan SGX Coach. A few times a year I partner up with CrossFit Amrock in Idaho Falls, Idaho and lead Spartan SGX Classes. We also do occasional events I call Spartan simulations, where we set up some obstacles, find a course that has similar terrain to some of the closest Spartan Races and let people get a low pressure feel for what a Spartan Race is like.  

Spartan Baseline Test

The first step for anyone who wants me to train them is to complete my Spartan Baseline Test and submit the results. This helps me get started on personalizing your training plan. Obviously, your goals, history, and medical condition also factor in, but this is step one. If you want to try it out, download the PDF, do the workout and email me your results at  


Most of my training is at home on my own. It is probably 90% outside and involves a lot of running. However, when the weather is cold I will sometimes come inside and do at home workouts. Usually it involves periods of running on the treadmill, mixed with various bodyweight and weighted exercises. 


 There are lots of home workout options where you watch a workout and follow along on your TV. Some that come to mind would be P90X or Insanity. A great way "Spartanize" those kinds of workouts is do 10 minutes of the workout, pause your TV, then run on a treadmill for 10 minutes. Do that back and forth several times and you now have a great training regimen without a lot of extra work. 


Vince Lombardi


I lead online training groups which I call the "Live Intentional Challenge." This is an 8 week program to help you learn to form good habits by living intentionally. The training includes physical challenges, mental challenges, lifestyle challenges and nutrition challenges that you must complete each week. 


I teach you the same skills that got me from being a couch potato to finishing some of the toughest challenges there are. 


Shoot me an email ( if you want to know when the next group starts!