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The Duck Donuthon is not your typical race. You hear people say, put your money where your mouth is, but we say, put your donut where your mouth is!!!

The basic idea is Rule 1 Mile, Eat 1 Donut, Repeat. 

We have the "Lil Ducky" for those that want a fun activity for the family that anyone can do. Run 1 Mile, Eat a Donut, Get some awesome prizes. 

We have the "Hungry Ducky" for those that want a bit more of a challenge and a more standard "race." This is a timed 5k race where you Run a mile and then Eat a Donut 3 times as fast as you can (or at whatever pace you like really). 

Then for those that don't know when to stop we have the "Last Duck Standing" This one only stops when you do. Run a mile, eat a donut and repeat as many times as you can. 

Donuthon Promo 1.png

2022 Highlights

Last Duck Standing Participants: 

  • Chris Carney (19 Miles/19 Donuts) (Winner)

  • Dan Overton (18 Miles/17 Donuts)

  • Ryan Walker (16 Miles/15 Donuts)

  • JJ Duval (15 Miles/14 Donuts)

  • Jason Hales (11 Miles/10 Donuts)

  • Jared Grimmer (9 Miles/8 Donuts)

Hungry Ducky (5k-56 Participants)

  • Kevin Allen (23:49)

  • Joe Matheson (23:58)

  • Beckett Overton (33:11)

  • Michelle Preston (29:26)

  • Denae Hart (32:00)

  • Courtnie Erickson (37:23)

Lil Ducky (1 Mile-137 Participants)

Duck Pic2.jpg

The Pig Pen

The Pig Pen is where the magic Happens. After you finish your mile, you grab a donut (glazed or cinnamon sugar) and then you eat it in the pig pen. Once your mouth is empty you can start your next lap. 

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