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Explore. Adventure. Get Lost. Find Yourself!

The Lost Souls Challenge is the ultimate way to explore the trails, learn the paths, discover new training routes, and bushwhack your way to adventure. 

You will have 100 days to complete 50 routes (for the Lost Souls Challenge) or 10 routes (for the Trailblazer Challenge).


The challenge begins in mid-May and runs to the end of August. Registration opens in February.  

Registration for 2022:

Lost Souls 2022.png


All Challengers are invited to a Private Facebook Group. The group is where you can find all of the routes, add pictures, and interact with all of the other participants. 

The group has routes divided by Area so you can easily find places to explore. It also provides a convenient way for you to track the routes you've completed. 


Each year there are between 60-80 routes to choose from. For each route you'll have a Google Pin (to get you there), a Cal Topo Map (so you don't get too lost), a description (so you know what you are in for), and Completion Requirements (so you know how to finish). 


Weekly (and often more) group runs are set up that anyone can join in on to complete routes. In addition, you can complete routes with friends, family members, etc. 

By Being a part of the Facebook Group you'll be able to find others who want to explore and adventure in Eastern Idaho. 


It's Free to Join and Participate in the Lost Souls Challenge. 

However, if you want to do the "Paid" version to get swag (shirts and stuff) and prizes (finisher awards, secret mission awards, etc.) and support us in putting on this group, we greatly appreciate it. 

Lost Souls 2022.jpg

Lost Souls Lore


  • Total Participants: 194

  • Routes Completed: 

  • King of the Lost Souls: Chris Carney (19 days)

  • Lady of the Lost Souls: Linda Smuin (23 days)

  • Bingo Winner: Stacey Mae

  • Total Lost Souls Finishers: 25

  • Total Trailblazer Finishers: 61 

  • Special Challenge: BINGO

  • Lost Souls Prize: Tin Can


  • Total Participants: 189 

  • Routes Completed: 2448

  • King of the Lost Souls: Mark Varvel (26 days)

  • Princess of the Lost Souls: Michelle Preston

  • Secret Missions: 

  • Total Lost Souls Finishers: 25

  • Total Trailblazer Finishers: 68

  • Special Challenge: SECRET MISSIONS

  • Lost Souls Prize: Skull


  • Routes Completed: 2032

  • Queen of the Lost Souls: Tricia Varvel (25 days)

  • King of the Lost Souls: Mark Varvel (25 days)

  • Participants: 170

  • Total Lost Souls Finishers: 18

  • Total Trailblazer Finishers: 39

  • Special Challenge: Immunity Idols

  • Lost Souls Prize: Bone 

The Original Lost Souls (not in any real order)

Amanda Rynes
Ben Lewis
Cheryl Birks
Chris Carney
Fran Roach Bunnell
Jeff Syverson
Jennifer Summers
Jenn Haas Walker
Jennifer Wenzel
JT Thorn
Kristen Pearson
Mark Varvel
Marnie-Mo Wheeler Havas
Nate Reese* (Found the Grand Champion Immunity Idol)
Sandy Terrill
Stacey Mae
Steph Taylor Jones
Tricia Young Varvel

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