Serious About Change

I'm terrible at making healthy choices (but I am getting better). I don't like meal planning and while I'm willing to eat healthy food if it easy and accessible that doesn't always happen. I used to drink at least three to four cans of Pepsi every day, along with a 64 oz. or so Pepsi or Coke with lunch almost every day. When I'd get home from work, I'd drink a Pepsi. Usually in the evenings I'd think about working out, grab a Pepsi, and those feelings would quickly disappear and I'd settle down into a comfortable chair and watch something on TV, Netflix, or just waste time on the internet.

It took quite a bit (bad health, bad back, seeing my wife making healthy changes, etc.) before I decided it was time for me to make a change. For me, it was a bit of a sudden "aha" moment. My wife had been drinking shakeology for a few weeks and had made some definite progress. Then she decided to jump in and become a Beachbody coach. I had no idea what that was, but to be supportive, and to see what would happen, I agreed to be her first customer.

The next day, I posted my "Pepsi stash" on facebook and offered it to anyone that wanted it. There were some quick takers, and I haven't bought Pepsi since. I switched out my Pepsi for shakeology. It's been the best choice I've ever made. Tons more energy, and I got back that desire to explore and live that I remember having when I was a kid.

I've made a few other minor changes to my diet (I try to pick healthier choices when we go out to eat, and I don't eat as many treats as I used to), but I haven't done anything major other than subbing out Pepsi for Shakeology.

The more I've learned about Shakeology, the more I like it. When I first tried it, I didn't love the flavor, and there are definitely a few of the flavors that I don't like. But I've grown to love the Vanilla Shakology, mixed with Almond milk, ice, and greek yogurt and the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology mixed with regular 2% milk. There are tons of recipies available, but I'm usually looking for quick and easy.

When I drink it, I know that I'm getting tons of the nutrients I need to live an active lifestyle, so I don't have to worry so much about everything else I eat and it makes getting improving my nutrition easy and fool-proof.

#change #motivation

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